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Thank you in advance for your participation.  It's important that everyone in the Lake Creek Basketball family feel welcome and included.  We share common threads with basketball and love for our boys.  Everything we do centers on providing our players with the tools they need to succeed, learning opportunities, positive experiences, happy memories and friendship.  Below is a list of committees and links to sign up for participation.  If you would like to embark on an activity that you do not see below, please contact a Board Member.  If you have the time and desire to take on a new endeavor that will benefit the players, we are happy to provide a forum.  There are no limits!     


Every year each Lake Creek sports team build a float and participate in the homecoming parade.  The parade takes place around the school with thousands in attendance.  Awards are given to the teams with the best floats.  CLICK HERE TO GET INVOLVED


This is the life blood of any sports program.  Funds need to be raised for the boys basketball starting with the Oak Hills 7th grade teams all the way to the Lake Creek Varsity.  We need corporate sponsors, volunteers for fundraising events i.e. golf tournament, dodgeball tournament, 5k race, car wash, selling cookie dough, selling game program advertisements, etc.  Fundraising can be a lot of fun and it's a great way to get to help the team!CLICK HERE TO GET INVOLVED


Away games include at least three games and players may not get home until 11 pm.  Growing teens need to eat!  Prior to every away game, food is delivered for the players to eat on the bus while traveling to their game.  Members of this committee help in placing the orders and delivering the food to the school prior to departure. CLICK HERE TO GET INVOLVED


If you're creative and have a sense of style, this committee may be for you.  Members of this committee are involved in designing apparel such as spirit wear t-shirts, hats, etc.  This includes mercy for the players and parents. CLICK HERE TO GET INVOLVED


At the end of every season there is a program wide banquet to recognize each team, the players and honor our graduating seniors.  Members of this committee help gather photos and videos, build slide shows, decorate the cafeteria, and organize a feast as we break bread for the final time.  CLICK HERE TO GET INVOLVED


Senior Night is the final home game of each season.  During halftime, we honor the graduating seniors and their families.  Members of this committee are tasked with making it a special night.  This includes obtaining photos, video, fun facts and highlights of each senior and arranging gifts in recognition of their dedication and commitment over the years.  CLICK HERE TO GET INVOLVED


I have no idea what this means!   CLICK HERE TO GET INVOLVED


Each summer the coaching staff hosts a basketball camp at Lake Creek High School.  Members of this committee help as needed with the camps.  Help is needed in camp promotion and while the camp is in session.  Prior to the camp, the committee is tasked with designing and purchasing t-shirts and or branded basketballs for each of the campers.  CLICK HERE TO GET INVOLVED


To quote Ed Harris in Radio.."I love Friday nights when you're lookin' for a win and Saturday mornin' when you've found one." This committee is about bringing breakfast to our hard working players to enjoy after a Saturday morning practice.  CLICK HERE TO GET INVOLVED


Nothing builds community or relationships quite like breaking bread with one another.  Throughout the year, members of this committee take turns hosting team dinners.  CLICK HERE TO GET INVOLVED

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